Insomnia Cures: Memories of sleep

I can remember a time, long ago, when I was able to fall asleep when I wanted. I can remember waking up early in the morning and feeling refreshed and full of energy. Energy I would need to get me through my day. Don't get me wrong, it is not like I love to wake up and go to work (or school, or wherever), I would much rather sleep-in and enjoy my dreams for a bit longer. My point is: I would wake up, which meant I got some sleep. I miss that sleep.

There would be days I would not want to get out of my warm bed and roll my tired body out under my bedsheets. Like any other person who has something to do in their day, I would get out of bed and start my day. Most days I would still feel a bit tired, but after a warm shower, and an even warmer coffee, I would feel brand new. It is sad to say, that my 'brand new' feeling has vanished.

I would get up, and rush to catch my train so I wouldn't be late for work. The best part about taking the train to work is that I could close my eyes for 30 minutes and get some shut eye. I can't just close my eyes and fall asleep anymore. That luxury is gone. I might wake up tired, but I did not stay tired the entire day. Now I don't sleep and I feel like a never wake up.

Thinking of the days when I could fall asleep after a long day, or taking a nap to re-energize are mere memories now. I can only think of sleeping, not actually partake in it. I bet it is sort of like an injured athlete watching the big game from the sidelines and not being able to play. He wants to play, but can not. I want to sleep, but can not.

Remembering the days when I could fall asleep have become memories, and I am trying everyday to make it a reality once again. I believe anyone who is suffering from Insomnia is also looking for its cure. Insomnia cures are out there, they have to be. Just as the injured athlete waits on the sideline, waiting to play again, I too am waiting for my big game. Right now there is no bigger game than sleep. And my injury seems to be Insomnia.

Insomnia Cures for Winter Months

With the days becoming shorter and shorter as the months roll over to the Winter season, trouble sleeping can become a greater problem. Many people wonder if there are any special Insomnia Cures to help one during these cold, dark, and sleepless times. Like any other month, Insomnia Cures are different for each individual. Trying different methods until one finds the perfect Cure for Insomnia.

Insomnia Cures: The search continues

If you have always had trouble falling asleep or if it is a new problem for you, be assured, you are not the only person in the world who has looked for Insomnia Cures or is always searching for new techniques to fall asleep.

For as long as there is a day and a night, there will be people who have good nights sleep and others who will be plagued with Insomnia. Insomnia Cures will come in many different shapes and manners. Each Insomnia Cure will be different as are the people it affects

Insomnia Cures

The search for Insomnia Cures has been a long and ongoing battle since the beginning of time. Wanting a good night’s sleep and not being able to close your tired eyes and rest your body can be and is a massive problem that hurts many of us in our daily lives. Without sleep, we find ourselves wandering through our days like Insomnia Zombies. Are you an Insomnia Zombie? If you are reading this, then probably 'yes'. That's OK; you are not the only one.

People every day, all over the world suffer from Insomnia, and are on a constant search for the perfect Insomnia Cures. Sometimes we start looking for the perfect Insomnia Cures, and in what seem like defeat, settle for anything that might help. We all want help, and getting it in any form or shape, is a great thing. Settling for something that might help get that vital piece of sleep is not defeat in anyway. We all want to go to sleep when we want. Not being able to fall asleep when we want makes us live our lives like actors. Tired and sleepless actors playing a role of an energized and fully rested person. Living with a lack of sufficient sleep makes me realize that sleep is a privilege to most. I should be able to rest my head after a long hard day and close my eyes, and enjoy my escape to a dream world. But we don't dream anymore. In actuality, the hazy life we live is our dream world. I want a dream world where I am not tired all of the time. I want to live my life not as an actor, but as me, one who is fully rested and ready to take on the world. Give me my sleep, give me my world!

When you first start to lose a little sleep, you wake up tired and think it is only a bad night’s sleep. No big deal, you will make it up the next night. But then the next night does not even give you an hour of rest. Now it is not just a bad night, it is a problem. And a problem that for most people, lingers like an unpaid bill. We start to ask ourselves: why is this happing? Why can I not just fall asleep? What is keeping me awake when I am so damn tired? Many of do not find those answers quickly, but be assured your answer is out there. Find your answer and start living your life as you we meant to, the way you want to. Give me my sleep, give me my world.

The hardest part of not being able to sleep, or get a good night’s sleep, is the worry that you will never get to sleep again. Just try to keep in mind that your answer is out there. It may take a bit of searching, but you can find Insomnia Cures. One thing I have come to learn when searching for way to help me sleep is that, for every question or problem, there is an answer and a solution. Every person is different. Thus, every person has different reasons for why they might not find a decent night’s sleep. Keep in mind a solution does exist for you. The first time I thought I had a problem sleeping was when I was doing my studies in college. From there, my problem of sleeping turned into what I found to be Insomnia. I had heard that term before, “insomnia”, but thought it only existed on television or infomercials. Never thought the monster of Insomnia would haunt the daydreams, or the lack of them. I would go one night without sleep, then that one night would turn into two nights. Then maybe if I was lucky, I would pass out and fall asleep for an hour here or there (but nowhere good). I felt like my life was moving on without me, and sleep was starting to become a memory. I got scared. I didn’t want to live my life this way, I wanted to be normal. I wanted to be me. This is when I realized that not getting the night’s sleep that I yearned for was normal. I learned that I was not the only one. Millions of people all over the globe have experienced what I am going through. With that many people searching for Insomnia Cures, I should be OK. And I will be. When I first started to lose sleep, I didn’t know what was wrong with me, if anything at all. I was worried. Then my worries turned to a quest to find Insomnia Cures. I will never forget the first time I was learning to adjust to the lack of sleep I was getting. My body needed to readjust, as did my mind. With no rest, my body and mind were running on empty. And as a college student, I needed my body and mind to be fresh. Let me assure you it was not. Also, professors do not give a hoot about insomnia. The first strange thing I noticed with Insomnia was the dream like setting I was living my life in. My tired and exhausted mind would play tricks on me, and I thought I was going crazy. I was not going crazy, I was tired. And I have lived most my life tired since then. Knowing help is out there for me to find and use, is a type of help all on its own.